Me & Norma Jean

Thank you for checking out my new blog for my current website, By Grace Photo Gallery. My name is Erin Parker. And one of my greatest loves in life is Photography. I’ve been going at it for 9 years, and can’t wait to see where I will be going.

My camera’s name is Norma Jean. I only name my most loved processions, like my car is named Scarlett. Might as well get her name out there. 🙂 I’ve had people ask me why my camera’s name is Norma Jean. Some believe it was named after the band with the same name. No, it is not. While it is not a great significant name, however, it was the beginning of one of Hollywood’s greatest mysteries and tragedies, no other than, Marilyn Monroe. I love vintage, and old Hollywood Starlets. Despite the many tragedies of Marilyn Monroe’s life, before she became the famous Blonde of all time, she was a normal girl named Norma Jean Mortensen Baker. She was a model in her teens, and in my opinion, very raw and genuine before ever entering Hollywood. From a photographer’s standpoint, she is one the most inspirational models a photographer could ever work with or capture. This is why my camera’s name is Norma Jean. As far as my car’s name, she’s named after Gone With The Wind. 🙂

I hope to get to know my readers, so please feel free to post and talk to me. Until then, have a blessed day!

With Love, Erin G. Parker


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