Lottie Mae

I’m a proud aunt to a little 5 month old girl named Lottie Mae. When I found out she was coming into my life a year ago ( this month actually ), I was so excited and thrilled. And of course, I couldn’t wait to take pictures of her. Usually  when its cold, I try not to have sessions outdoors. There is nothing like using natural light from a window.

IMG_7827 copy

Lottie is doing very good at sitting herself up, but she’s not quite there yet. The chair she is sitting in was mine when I was a little girl. Still in good condition.

IMG_7849_edited-1 copy


I love pictures like these. My sister-in-law was trying to get her attention. The whole point of the picture is to see more of what happens behind my back.

IMG_7864 copy


I know being above a child is usually a no-no when taking pictures of babies/kids. It is said that a camera lens can be quite intimidating. And yes, I do agree with that. However, this one time, it worked well. Lottie is not afraid of a big black glass in her face making snappy sounds.

IMG_7875 copy


There were other outdoor shots similar to this one that came out, but I believe this one to be the best one. I like to shoot wide when I have single subjects. If you can believe, this was taken right after lunch time. I usually do all portraits during the evening light. But it was cold, and the middle of the day was actually the warmest for little Lottie. So with a diffuser above her being held by my mom, it gave her open shade and was unaffected by the direct sunlight.

IMG_7899_edited-1 copy

Yes, I am proud of my little niece. She is made in God’s image. Nothing can change that. 🙂



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