The Sutmiller’s

A week ago, I photographed a couple I go to church with; The Sutmiller’s. I love how these portraits turned out. The sun was just where I wanted it. Now this was a session that I didn’t have a plan. Usually before a session, I like to scout to get some idea’s. But one cannot always have a plan. In fact, having to come up with portrait idea’s on the spot is one of the best things that challenges me to be a better photographer.

IMG_7678 copyI absolutely love portraits with the sun behind my subject. An old rule from the dark ages suggest that you never shoot into the sun. I like to break rules, as I have done here. I also like the way the sun makes a halo around the hair line, as it is seen in the picture below.

IMG_7661 copy

This is just one time I allowed the sun to be behind me, and in the faces of my subject. I do not particularly like to have full light into my subject. But this was in the late evening. And the sunlight at this time does not cause one to squint, but creates a soft light.


I love this picture. To me its quite classic. All shade. The sun reflecting was perfect. I shot wide with this portrait. I can’t express enough how important it is for me to shoot in the evening. I love how simple this portrait turned out. Simplicity is key.

IMG_7763 copy

You can tell the sun is to the side now. Side lighting. So soft and sweet.

IMG_7770 copy

This picture was a spur of the moment. I’m so glad I asked JP to bring his guitar. I asked the two to walk to the middle of the road. And as they were doing so, I said, “JP, grab Jesse’s hand.” And here it is.

IMG_7780 copy

IMG_7785 copy

The curve in the road is like an S, for Sutmiller. This picture is all about them.IMG_7792 copy


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