Hope & Dawson

It was a cloudy day. In fact, it was two cloudy days. When I met Hope & Dawson for their session I feared so much about how dark it would be, that I suggested that we cut their session in half, and make up for it on another day. And then once we met for the second time, it again became cloudy. And also really cold. The second part of their session is probably the coldest weather I have ever photographed, not including snow days.

I am glad for these type of experiences. I’ve learned to “make it work” in every situation that I am placed in. And often being put on the spot forces me as a photographer to create something out of nothing, challenges me so much more.

The picture below is one I saw the moment Hope contacted me about portraits with her boyfriend.

IMG_7304_edited-1 copy

It is seen in many of my images, the same location. This is a bridge I bring almost every client to. The light is almost always perfect. Even though it goes in one direction, there is so much to create here.

IMG_7375 copy


I have been wanting to bring someone to this location for a very long time. I discovered it about a year ago, but I had very little time to scout it. And was loosing a lot of light with my client at the time. So my exploring was put off until around last summer. Because of the steep climb down, many clients turned down the location for their pictures. But Hope & Dawson were all for it! Even though all three of us had dirt climbing up out jeans afterwards, it was worth the climb.

IMG_7452 copy


IMG_7497 copy


IMG_7501 copy

The picture below is one I have been seeing in my mind for many many months. Originally, I wanted to have my Prom Promo done here with one of the models I had planned to work with. But it never came to place. Hope & Dawson, you made it real for me!

IMG_7577_edited-1 copy

I wish I would have done a reverse of this picture too, just to have both. I had to shoot wide for this shot. f 3.2

IMG_7979 copy

I like this one. I just do.IMG_7999 copy

This was the point where we were all freezing. I could feel my hands becoming numb, and almost stuck to the camera itself. I can’t express just how cold we really were, yet Hope & Dawson look as if they felt nothing.

IMG_8112 copy

IMG_8139 copy

We were quick about the final location. The light was fading. It was getting even more colder. More wind. I like to take pictures that are more than just one subject, but at what is surrounding that subject.

IMG_8152 copy

IMG_8166 copy

What I like most about this last picture, is that I took it when Hope & Dawson were unaware and not ready. Face’s of those captured when they are unaware are raw and genuine. And I will leave you with that.

IMG_8173 copy


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