We’re towards the end of 2014. Compared to the past years, this has been the greatest year of growth and business. Thank you to all who have given me support this year! I cannot say enough how great of a privilege it has been to photograph so many people, and kids. I have enjoyed every minute of it! All clients who I’ve spent time with this year has given me the room to spread my wings just a little more, and to create all the stuff that stays stuck in my mind. It is finally beginning to come out. I am looking forward to 2015 where I am already planning to have Valentine Mini Session ( limited spots available ) and once again have a Prom Special for the Spring.

This year also, has been a challenging one. I have probably faced more obstacles this year than ever when taking pictures. There have been many discourages with potential clients scheduling a session, then backing out at the last minute. It was quite difficult to where I actually thought about quitting portraits altogether. Then there were the usual people who disagreed with my pricing, which brought great discouragement to see that was the main reason why I wasn’t hired. I could honestly go into a great long discussion about Session Pricing but I am choosing not to. I have no reason to push that into a blog. I’d rather my work speak for itself.

For a time I pursued other types of photography, like landscape, and prayed more to God about the situation at hand. I began to have doubts as to if this would be the direction God was wanting me to take.

And then Autumn hit.

I found myself being busy all the time. Some of you may already know that I have a second job, which brings in most of my main income to live on. It has been difficult to do that job and photography at the same time. Once I’d get home after an eight hour day, I’d go straight to my computer to edit pictures for three hours with a mouse in one hand, and a pizza in the other. I was rushing to meet deadlines, even bringing my computer to my first job so I could edit pictures while on a break twice a day. Scheduling a session around my first job has been hard. Trust me, I do not like doing both at the same time. This season I have had very little rest. Plus I’ve been teaching three girls at my church more about photography and how to use their cameras, light, etc. I have not stopped once.

But despite all the hard work I’ve put into what I do, even some of it being for free, I am convinced that it will pay off one day. I do not regret meeting all the people I have met this year to have their pictures taken and getting to capture some great moments with them. I maybe tired sometimes but I still love it. One thing I am so glad that I have gained is taking pictures of kids. That is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. I have grown more in this direction. I love photographing kids. And I love to photograph my niece Lottie.

Now it’s a week before Christmas. Time is beginning to slow down. Would you believe me if I told you if doesn’t feel right that I’m not as busy as I once was? I have no clue how to get out of that habit.

Looking back on the year, I see times of pursuing. I see times of waiting on God. Many prayers have been centered around my photography. I desire to open a studio one day, large enough that I can build my own sets and have make-up artist with giant brushes and hair stylist who can make anything with hair. I look up my fellow photographers who walk before me, and I desire to follow closely behind. God has been good. He’s allowed me to grow. He’s allowed silent periods where I just seek Him and His direction. He’s opened doors and He’s closed doors. Hopefully one of these days He’ll close the door on my other job and open an even bigger door towards my dreams.

But until then, I have these reflections to look back on on this wonderful year, this year of 2014. And see the fingerprints of God leading me closer to something bigger than I could ever ask, think, or imagine.


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