Hello New Year!

If you can believe it, I have not touched my camera hardly at all for almost an entire month. It has been good to take a break. I am one of those people who has a very difficult time not to do anything at all. I feel like I always have to have a goal, and not to have one is a waste of valuable time. If you’re like this, I suggest forcing yourself to do the opposite of what you feel. Always doing brings on a lot of stress. The past four weeks I have done very little in my free time other than laying down and actually having a nap. Almost forgot what one of those felt like. Ahhh! Amazing!

Now that I got the whole take a rest thing out of the way, this is only day 7 of 2015 and the past six days have been… not like I thought. With the grace of God I ended 2014 in perfect peace and high trust. The beginning of 2015 felt the same. Even though I will not be mentioning just what has been going on the past six days, just know that it has been a great struggle to act and to wait. I believe walking by faith is something I will never fully become perfect at while on earth, but my strive for it will continue to take me places only God can create. And even when something does not make sense, God doesn’t change. In the circumstances, God does not change. And when you’re feeling a struggle of some sort that you do not feel comfortable with, that is not of God. That has been a part of my first seven days of 2015. And it all has to do with photography.

The past 9 years have been some of the greatest years seeing everything through a camera lens. Sometimes I want to advance further so terribly that it causes me to not see life itself in the right perspective. My life is not about me, but about Jesus. But waiting for God to act and move my life someplace has been one of the hardest things to take on. It often feels I will never be ready. But the Word of God is full of promises of great plans and a greater purpose. And when it gets low, those are the same verses I have to always be reminding myself of, and to know more and more that I am not here for me, but for Him.

Plans have been turned down, interrupted. As it was, I had plans to get supplies together for, hopefully, Valentines Day Mini Sessions. But it being the coldest day of the year so far and the fact my car has not been running all that well, I thought it smart to remain home, and have another one of those days where I take a nap. I have to say because of my second job, it has been hard to finally settle down and get this one goal off the ground. I do not know if any Mini Session of any kind will be forming because of the lack of time and sunlight.

But there is one thing that might be forming. A little place to call my own. I am still discussing it with people ( no I am not moving some place far away ), but maybe possibly six months to a year from now, I can finally have something thats mine. And I can paint it whatever I want. 🙂

Pray for me. There’s a whole lot more waiting in my future.


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