Diamond & Joe

Weather is very unpredictable in the State of Arkansas, especially in the Winter months. During this season, I usually will not schedule a session since planning a good day is so hard, not to mention that its not all that pretty unless there’s snow on the ground.  Diamond is pregnant with her first child, a boy, named Isaiah, and is due to have him near the end of February- beginning of March-ish time. We talked about trying to schedule a session with the risk of it being cold, such as if it did snow, but aren’t guaranteed snow this season. We had to play it by ear.

And then one day, the weather forecast claims sunny skies and 50 degree weather for the entire week. Since when??? So then I thought, “If we are to have any Maternity Portraits done, it needs to be now.” Two days later, Diamond, Joe and I met on top of St. Mary’s to take on the open skies and warm sunlight.

I am so glad to once again take pictures at St. Mary’s. When doing a session, I highly encourage locations with lots of openness. It leads to very little distractions. At this location, there is the option of pure sunlight and shade, a must have for a session. I am all for backlighting if done right, as you will see below, this is a common thing I have in almost every session I do.

Not only is this my first session of the year 2015, this is also the first session that I have put more editing time into. Not that I didn’t before, but my editing style has changed quite a bit. I desire complete perfection at its peek. In some cases, I would spend an hour on one picture alone, and then often going back to it days later and edit it again. I’m so thankful for the growth in editing and the tools that I am able to use to create these images. I am so proud of these Portraits.

IMG_0045 copy IMG_0067 copy This is dream sunlight in my book. This is the peek I like to capture an image. Only in the evening time can you capture light like this.IMG_0121 copy IMG_0136 copy IMG_0171 copy IMG_9812 copy IMG_9814 copy IMG_9821 copy IMG_9846 copy IMG_9866 copy The image below is an example of an hour long editing process. There was a tree on the left side of the image, and it took a lot of time to have it completely removed and blend in the clouds as if the tree wasn’t there. But I believe the time was worth it, for it is one of my most favorites. IMG_9913 copy I try to separate myself from the standard of Portrait Photography. I’m not all about blurred backgrounds and basic poses, which I will gladly do if the client desire’s that type of session. But I prefer to make a picture more than just one subject. I very much like to include the landscape into a Portrait if given the opportunity. It makes you look around and see more of what is there, and draws your attention to the people in the picture. You’re left with an effect that is more dramatic and its something you will always remember. I absolutely love this image.
IMG_9957 copy This one would have to be my most favorite. Simply because of the lighting. This is the lighting I love working with.IMG_9993 copy


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