Happy Day-Late Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a great Valentines Day yesterday!

Either Married or Single, a day like Valentines Day is what you make it.I was so tempted to buy those big sparkly sticker hearts at Wal-mart and stick two of them, one on each cheek, on my face to be even more in the spirit of things. I wish I did.

I am so happy for days like this particular one to be reminded how God loves me, and has not forgotten me, though our culture often makes singles feel that way. I believe its more of a choice to look at this Holiday in this way, or choose to feel bad because you’re alone. I was surprised to receive red tulips, and a card, from my parents Valentines Morning, as shown below:

IMG_0402 copy There was a time that the only pictures I ever took were flowers. If you’ve been on my website, you’ll see on the left corner of the webpage a red gerbera daisy. Long ago, I decided to make that flower the trademark of my business. Its one of my favorite flowers, along with my favorite color. The start of this eventually led me into looking into selling some of my work online. For those who knew me back then, I announced several times that I was going to be working on an online store and have my work available. I’ve said it so many times, but have yet to produce anything. This idea has been on the back burner for a long time. Looking back, I can see how little I knew, and how much needed help was lacking. Three years later, with still lots of prayer, I am hoping to pick it up once again. Only this time around, I feel more ready to start moving forward.

If you can think of it, please keep this in prayer. Some things are slowly falling into place. And help is greatly needed. Everything is not exactly clear yet, but I hope to get started very soon. There will be a second website created later, to keep my Portrait Photography set apart. I am looking towards a good year with that.

I am sorry, that I have not put much effort into allowing Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions. I was so looking forward to put something together like that. I want to put together more themed events, but lately almost had zero time for it. This is one thing I am wanting to change, and praying that a new door will open soon to be able to allow in more business.

As of right now, this is another long season of more waiting. We all know how that goes. But it must be done.


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