Well, we aren’t too far away from Spring. And we have snow. There aren’t many opportunities I can take advantage of when it comes to this weather, but I am so glad I was available to snap the following pictures yesterday when it began to snow.

IMG_0468 copy IMG_0477 copy Settings for both pictures were at 1/640 F 2.8 400. I had to be really quick being that I had no covering for my camera to protect it from the snow. I ended up in some mud. And I had a good thigh work-out getting up and down about ten different times. For anyone wanting to try to capture snow in a portrait , raise your Shutter Speed high and Shoot Wide. I look forward to doing the same thing with Rain, once Spring rolls around.

Taking these pictures yesterday gave me a reflection of truth. Snow cleans the air of impurities. Its like starting over when snow falls. And then melts. Everything is always clearer it seems looking out over landscapes, and even our backyards. It reminds me of how God’s grace is new every single day. When days seem hard or unbearable, He is bringing new and good things. Its a promise we can believe in. I felt God saying that to me after taking these pictures. And thought I’d share it with you.

God is good. All the time.


4 thoughts on “Snow

    1. Yes I did. This was actually a very spontaneous moment and I had very little planning into it. I didn’t know how much snow we were going to actually get. So I had to work fast. If I had it more my way, I probably wouldn’t wear a coat, but something more formal. But that will be for another time.

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