More Snow

I believe this to be the most I have ever photographed during the Winter months. I only wish I had a model to hang around my life everyday so I could use him/her in any given situation. But I only have myself. Self -Portraits is how I began in Portrait Photography period. I see how much it has helped me to see from both sides of the lens, and this practice has helped me greatly in how I pose my clients when out on a session. I try not to do it Self-Portraits as often as I once did. But when I see an opportunity, and all I have is me and 5 minutes, you gotta do what you gotta do.

The image below I took on Sunday. I had just came from a great weekend, though also tiring. However, the weather was full of ice, sleet, and fog. FOG YALL! The last time I was able to play around with fog was maybe three years ago and have been dying to capture it again!

IMG_0490 copy

My settings for this image are 1/1,000  f 2.8  ISO200. Like in my last post, when I saw this image I thought little time about actually changing clothes out of fear that the fog was becoming weaker. And it was. Thats why my Aperture is so high because I wanted to make sure you could see the fog behind me. And the high Shutter helped some to make the background more “bold.” Because it was quite bright when I went walking to my still destination.


The next couple photo’s were taken around where I live. The Water shot is a pond I have taken many pictures at over the past 10 years. I always seem to find new places there to pose for pictures.

IMG_0508 copy

Settings for this one: 1/320 f5.6 ISO 200. I actually held my camera as high above my head as possible and looked through my video finder above me before snapping the shutter. I wanted to capture as much around this location as possible.

IMG_0496 copy

I did the opposite for this one. I shot from below looking upward at the trees. You can still see some fog hanging in the foreground. Settings for this one: 1/320 f 8 ISO320.

IMG_0523 copy

The picture above was taken on Wednesday. It began to snow again. And so I hurried outside as fast as I could. No make-up. Hair was messy. So I grabbed a random hat and scarf and sat my camera off under the back porch of my house. I was getting nothing until I realized that I could see my breath. I believe it was 34 degrees while I was outside. And so I thought, “If I can catch the snow in mid-air, what if I can catch my breath?” My mom thought it was weird, but I think its cool. Settings for this picture: 1/1,000 f2.8 ISO 200. I plan hopefully sometime this spring, to capture the rain. We’ll see how that goes.

IMG_0518 copy


Settings for this picture is the same as above. I just took a couple steps further away from the camera. I almost threw this picture away. But decided at the last minute that it would make a good B&W.

I honestly do very little in the Winter when it comes to pictures. But I am so glad that I have had more opportunity to get out in the cold. Even though it was only a few of them.



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