Luke Turns One!

It is such a blessing to be able to do what I do, and for what God has placed in my life to capture in still images. I met the Cloyde’s and their about to be One year old boy, Luke, at St. Mary’s on a warm Saturday evening. The pictures below celebrates his first Birthday, as well added a few Family Portraits.

Luke is a very active little boy who loves to crawl around and touch new things. He loves to smile at everyone, especially at his parents. He’s one of the most happiest little boys I have ever met.
IMG_0616_edited-2 copyIMG_0554 copy IMG_0670 copy IMG_0834 copy IMG_0903 copy IMG_0935 copyThis is kinda one of those caption pictures. Luke decided to crawl away from his parents and sit on his own when trying to pose for this shot. But I think its really cute. Not at all planned.IMG_0953 copyAnother one of those unplanned shots. Lora didn’t know that I took this shot of her walking away holding Luke. I see it as one of those bonding pictures of a Mother with her child. And the landscape in front of her adds to that feeling.IMG_1047 copy IMG_1069 copy IMG_1089 copyI love this picture of Tyler & Lora. B&W makes this Portrait perfection in my eyes. IMG_1143 copy IMG_1299_edited-1 copyThis is a dreamy picture. In fact, it was the first picture I edited after the Session was complete. The sun was on its way down, which gave the perfect glow that I seek so much in my Sessions.IMG_1347 copyNow it was time for a Father and Son bonding picture. What perfect timing!
IMG_1376 copyWe waited about 15 minutes after the session was over for this one shot. It is a beautiful family photo against the sun setting. Waiting longer gave the sky it’s natural color. There is very little editing in this picture simply because it wasn’t needed. For other photographer’s wanting to create something simular like this: set your Aperture at a low number. Mine was at F.9, which made the sunset and clouds more clear. Less blur. A lower Aperture also gives more of a color pop.

 This is another Session that I am so proud of. And having the opportunity to create beauty gives me such joy.

Happy 1st Birthday Luke!


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