Welcome To Spring!

Did you feel a sudden freedom when March 20 rolled around? I sure did! I don’t know about you, but it felt like everything changed all at once! Of course now we are getting a ton of rain, as usual. But on the days that aren’t rainy, they are simply divine! Great sun, great warmth, and perfect evening sun! It almost feels like I can do anything I want being that I’m not locked indoors anymore. So with that being said, I decided to blog about a few pictures I took this pass week with this new weather we are having.

I’ve done Self- Portraits almost since the very beginning. But I must warn you mastering Selfies the right way is a very difficult challenge that I am still mastering. The ones you are about to see took a very long time to achieve with the sunlight that I was loosing very quickly. I waited later in the evening that I usually would with a client. But it better captures the look I was going for.

IMG_1448 copy Note that my back is turned towards the suns direction. I wanted to get a bright glow against my hair and to add a natural warmth to it. What best accomplished this was that I switched my White Balance from Day light, to Shade. If you’re looking for a warmer look, switching that White Balance can make all the difference. And in this case, the editing process of this image was more natural looking. Adding warmth to an image that is not already warm looks extremely fake. But making that warmth already inside the camera: Priceless. My settings on this picture are: 1/1,250, f 2.8, ISO 200.

IMG_1455 copy I was just playing with my hair with this one. This took several shots, and this wasn’t even the one I originally wanted to show. But it showed the hair more like I wanted.

IMG_1461 copy

A back view. Same settings as the ones above. I did however add a colorless burst to make the sunlight appear greater and rotated the image horizontally. You’d never know unless I told you.

Switching the subject now to my 9 month old Niece, Lottie. She is growing up so fast. Not too much longer she will be walking. My family and I have enjoyed her in our lives and more joy is to come as she grows up. I took a few Easter type Portraits of her a couple days ago.

IMG_1509 copy

My settings for this one: 1/800, f 2.8, ISO 200. I thought this one to be a perfect B&W. My sister-in-law was holding a diffuser to Lottie’s left side to prevent harsh sun, and my mother standing behind me to get her attention. It always helps to have other people around when taking pictures of a baby.

IMG_1675 copy

Isn’t she perfect?

IMG_1737 copy

She was getting tired by this point, obviously. But she was a trooper, and was a good girl! And one of the few pictures that she’s looking “at” me and not above me looking at somebody else standing there. And the bubbles are real. I do what I can not to add overlays. If I can make it real myself, I do it. My mother was blowing bubbles from the side, while my sister-in-law was still holding the diffuser to block harsh sunlight. My settings for this one: 1/1,000, f 2.8 ISO 200.

Thank you for reading todays Blog!


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