Axel’s First Easter

Axel is an 8 month old little boy. And one of the most happiest and giddiest babies I have ever met! The first thing he did when he layed eyes on me is smile real big and laugh. Happy babies give me such joy in photographing them. The following Portraits were taken the Saturday evening before Easter of this year.IMG_2070 copy IMG_2127 copy IMG_2139 copy Axel and is Mother and Father, Markaiah and Derrick.IMG_2258 copy IMG_2394 copy IMG_2413 copy I have to also mention that Axel has the most vivid blue eyes I have ever seen. He is very captivating.IMG_2472_1 copyDerrick was kinda playing with Markaiah. I don’t believe they knew that I snapped this nor was ready for it. These make the best Portraits.
IMG_2481_edited-1 copy The next few images were taken later than intended. We were running out of time and sunlight. But it gives such a warm glow against the river waters.IMG_2505 copy IMG_2583 copy I’m getting into the habit of having silhouette’s in my sessions. You gotta admit it makes a great family picture. IMG_2644 copyHappy First Easter to Axel! And I hope everyone else had a great Easter too! Be sure to keep up with all I do by following me on Facebook.


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