May The 1st…

…never be your worst. What does that have to do with anything? I really don’t know. I just thought of it on the spot. And realized I hadn’t blogged about anything that I’ve been up to in almost a month.

Truth be told, I haven’t done much. I’ve kinda been sitting back and taking a small rest. Also trying to decide what will be my next move. So I wanted to share a little bit more of whats going on in my life.

This has been probably the most honest week I have had in my prayer life with God. I never realized how much I was holding back, trying to pray about the right things in the right way. Always trying to be stronger in my faith than what I am actually seeing before me. But I was challenged to be absolutely real with God about me. No limits. And it was revealed to me just how there is a lot that I don’t tell God, that needs to be said to Him, simply because He wants to hear it. Some of that stuff can kinda be put into a picture, which I took about a week ago, shown below:

IMG_3009 copy

We all have times that it feels like we are barely hanging on. We get so tired of whatever it is before us. I began to feel that way this week, like my faith alone just wasn’t good for strong enough for God to move in any change my circumstance. So when I expressed my thoughts ( even though they were flesh thoughts and not at all truth thoughts ), every single day God has in some shape or form, revealed His truth to me that has little by little been changing my heart, to give up how I see my life and to take on Truth. I cried out to God, and He has heard me. Isn’t our God just amazing that He does what He says He will do in His Word? He hasn’t revealed the reasons for certain circumstances. But what He has done is given me another push to hope in Him. God loves His children so much, that He will never leave them behind to make it on their own. He aids and feeds where it is needed. The picture above, we may feel at times we are barely hanging on. But I think of the end of Isaiah 41:10, “…Surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” NASB. That my dear friend, is what He does. 🙂

Something else I wanted to share about. I am most definitely considering opening an online store where my other work ( besides portraits ) will be available for purchase. I’ve talked about this before many times, but my hearts passion for this is beginning to spin rapidly. I am praying more about this, as well as making plans to explore new landscapes for more pictures. Because as of right now, I have very little to add to a gallery. I am also thinking more about touching my hand at video. I use to do a little videography about five years ago, and then stopped completely and decided to pursue photography more. However, my eyes have been seeing moving pictures more and I am itching to create something that isn’t still life. I am taking my own sweet time, so don’t be expecting anything anytime soon.

I hope everyone is doing great, and seeking The Lord even in the most confusing, cloudy times. Because I am. So be encouraged, all who hope in The Lord.



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