A Little American…

These American Flag Portraits were actually taken about a month ago. After about an hour of running back and forth to my camera and my set up position, also 50 images later, I had no intention on putting these online. People don’t know how many pictures I take that no one will ever see. I believe in only showing the best, and not post images that are too similar to each other.

But the real reason why I hadn’t planned on showing any of the images, is because not any of the pictures I took came out at all as I had originally planned. It was the middle of the day, but cloudy. And the weather was about 70 degrees. So I believed that doing these images would be a piece of cake.

That was not the case.

Being that I am cheap and have not invested in a remote control timer, I still use the ten second timer option on my camera. So having to set my focus position, and then running to that one spot to pose myself was the most difficult thing I have ever done…because the flag would not cooperate. I could not for the life of me get that flag to position just the way I had envisioned it in my mind. There was some wind, which I believed would be to my advantage but proved me wrong. It just wasn’t working.

So I tried a few different things. But only being able to take one picture at a time, the flag just wasn’t working. I was outside for about an hour. I began to sweat terribly from running back and forth. And even then my focus position was not always clear. So then I’d try to re-create my position again but could never get it to be exactly like the first one that I made a mistake on. You see everyone, understand that when you take self portraits, doing it the right way is terribly HARD! But it is also very beneficial.

I took about 50 different images, and was not getting the results I had wanted. Since I was in tall grass, my new turquoise dress was almost ruined since I was running through a few thorns. You cannot tell, but my hair became matted and was sticking to my skin. I had had enough. The flag snagged on a thorn and tore some of the threads, but it still remains in good condition.

It wasn’t until towards the end of the whole matter, did the few pictures below were somewhat like I had been looking for. You’d never know, but my expressions on my face are actually ones not of trying to be professional, but from pure disgust and not caring to be pleasant because I was simply tired of it. Then later looking at these few images, I decided they just weren’t good enough. And I had no motivation to go back and try again later.

So that is why I have waited so long.

For those who are just getting into Portrait Photography, understand and accept that sometimes a planned session or event will not always go the way you had hoped it to be. Professional Photographers even have to adjust themselves and try their best. Even then, sometimes the results are not that great. Its just how it is. However, you do not give up and forget the task set before you. You work with what you have, and make it as good as it can be, even with the exhaust of it all. And as always, you learn and gain from it and carry it with you to the next event.

IMG_2873 copyThis was a good example of my running back and forth. And the flag was still not as I wanted it. It was suppose to be faced up. But as you can see, it isn’t. I had set my white balance to Shade. I wanted a very warm feeling to it.

IMG_2901 copyRight here, I wasn’t even trying to look good. It was to the point of , “I’m lucky if this comes out.” I had a brown belt around my waist, but took it off because it became a nuisance.

IMG_2901_edited-1 copyIts the same picture, yes, but in B&W. I actually like this one better. I like to make images very dramatic, and adding B&W can make some images look that way. But I believe I’ve said it before, that not every image can be a B&W. So be careful how you use it.

IMG_2892 copyThis is the last. And again, I stopped trying. And the blue part of the flag wasn’t faced in front. Canon needs to add a 15 second timer to the camera. 10 seconds just isn’t enough. Next time, I’ll just hire someone to pose for me.



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