I’ve known Jeshanah ever since we were kids. We went to church together, church camp, and played basketball through high school. And now, she has accomplished a long and very worthy goal; graduating from College and majoring in Criminal Justice.

For her Portraits, Jeshanah took me to a park, which is closed down, however in free use of good fishing spots located near the river. Once arriving, I noticed the cement picnic benches still in place, but with tall grass coming up from underneath. I noticed the tall trees hovering over us, giving us almost complete shade. And I also noticed how large mosquitoes can become. For there were quite a number of them. Almost the entire time, you would catch Jeshanah and I spontaneously slap our arms and legs. But we enjoyed our time. The light was perfect.

Tall grass is a must for me, because of the effect it can create. Despite this park being abandoned and never touched by a lawn mower, it was a beautiful location. One on which I plan to return to in the future!

Jeshanah loves the outdoors. And wanted to portray that is some way through these Portraits. She wore her normal clothes, her favorite hat with a fish hook clinging the side of her rim, and her favorite boots. Her long hair just added more to the amazement.

IMG_3180 copyIMG_3197 copyIMG_3206 copyIMG_3270 copyIMG_3312 copyThen she says, “I need something more girly for my Mom and Grandma.” So then, we did this.IMG_3335 copyIMG_3353 copyI became so excited when I looked through these images on my computer and saw this one above, and gave a big ,”YES!” I love anything vintage, or that gives a vintage theme. Seeing this picture of Jeshanah gives a great influence of the 1960’s. When I showed her this image, she said to me, “Yes, my sisters have told me that I could be a hippie.” I love the look and feel of this image.IMG_3358 copyUsed the Wide Lens for this one above.IMG_3363 copyIMG_3384_edited-1 copyIMG_3407 copyThis one is the favorite.IMG_3418 copyIMG_3444 copyAgain, used the Wide Lens to capture all that surrounded us that day.

Congrats to Jeshanah on completing College and earning her degree in Criminal Justince!


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