Lottie Turns One.

My niece has recently turned One. Its been amazing to be with her, learn about her, and watch her grow. She now walks everywhere, loves to be chased, and laughs continuously. As well, she likes to pull every single drawer in the kitchen open, and pulls all my gatorade bottles out from the bottom shelf and tries to drink them herself.

She’s the best little red headed girl ever.

Below are some of the picture I took of her when we had her First Birthday party with family and a couple close friends. We visited together, as Lottie walked everywhere and ran into everybody’s arms at some given point. None of these pictures were planned. No Portrait style. It is all just Lottie being Lottie. And my biggest mistake was the fact that I forgot my all in one lens, but instead brought only my macro and my wide angle lens. I have no idea how I forgot to bring the one lens that I can do almost everything with. So I had to make due with what I had.

IMG_3700 copy

Blue eyed beauty.IMG_3705 copy IMG_3715 copy IMG_3748 copy IMG_3751 copy Lottie loved that cup, and carried it with her everywhere.IMG_3764 copy IMG_3773 copy I posted this on my Facebook page, commenting on how Lottie finally has enough hair to put little bows in. We wondered if she would have red hair, being that my brother is a full red head, my sister-in-law’s sister has vivid red hair, plus I am a strawberry-blonde. Yep. Good guess. We love it. We love her.IMG_3782 copy Its obvious this was taken with my wide angle lens. Note the corners how they curve into a fish-eye. Oh well, ignore that.
IMG_3824 copy IMG_3851 copy IMG_3870 copy IMG_3890 copyLottie has her own little cake, just for her.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Lottie.


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