Urban Plunge: Atlanta 2015 Part 1

Last week, I was one of many adults who traveled with my church’s youth group to Atlanta, GA.My job was to photograph and video what took place on the trip. I had hoped to blog some, but it didn’t work out that way. And in many ways, I’m glad it did not. By the end of each day, I had an overload of video files and pictures to process. Going on little sleep, I didn’t exactly feel like one who would rush to get something up online for the sake of getting something online. But now that I am more caught up, I think its time to share a little of my journey.

My past posts have all been Portraits. This trip was not at all about Portraits, but about catching special moments when they happened. It was about watching this group of teenagers loving on kids who didn’t know Jesus, and capturing them in such a way a cell phone could never do: and especially when no one was looking. That is the art of telling a story.

There is so much to share, that I have decided to split up my pictures and write at least three blog posts. This post is about the very first day, after arriving at the church we were staying at at 1:30am Eastern Time. By the way, I only slept about and hour and a half this night. I remember most people saying the same thing.

Our youth group was split into three different groups which visited a total of six apartment complexes. I went with a different group every day to document everything that was going on. From my point of view, this is their story.

IMG_3964 copy

Just for a little fun, I took this from behind my seat of our van on the way to Atlanta. They are super excited aren’t they? 😀


IMG_1728 copy

When looking back at all my footage, I realized that I had taken more video of our visit to the grocery store than I did pictures. Note: next time I won’t do that. But as you can see on the signs above, there was a large variety of different foods from all around the globe at this store. Food imported and not made in the USA. Its a very unique place and I saw lots of food I had never heard of before. I bought a little square of chocolate from Germany as my souvenir. Sadly it melted on the way home. But it was still good!

IMG_1751 copy This is Grace.  On the first day at the first complex ( with my first group), the kids quickly grabbed sidewalk chalk and began to instead draw on each other and the other teens. Grace was one of the first people to get chalk on her face this day. IMG_1753 copy IMG_1761 copy As you can see, this girl is enjoying her artwork on Grace’s forehead.IMG_3990 copy IMG_4016 copy Probably the most popular activity at all of the apartment complex’s was face painting. There were two amazingly talented young ladies named Morgan & Katie who painted so many kids faces with love.IMG_4035 copy IMG_4057 copy A craft that was done that day.IMG_4080 copy Abbey teaching the kids about Creation. IMG_4086 copy Some pictures I couldn’t resist to take in a Portrait Style.IMG_4094 copy IMG_4110 copy Soccer time!IMG_4120 copy This little boy did not like that I took his picture. I remember him asking me later,” Can I see your camera?” Of course I said no, but asked why. And his reply was,” So I can delete that picture you took of me.” Sorry Bud. I’m keeping it.IMG_4122 copy “It is surprisingly cooler in the shade.”IMG_4132 copy IMG_4139 copy

When these kids found stick ons, they could not exist sticking them on Angel’s face. She let them do almost whatever they wanted.

My first impression this day, watching this group of teenagers love on kids who many had never met before, become the kids best friends that week. Building a relationship with these kids is key to opening a door to introducing them to Christ. I can’t wait to show more of this very thing during the week to come.

Be looking for Part 2 this week!



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