Urban Plunge: Atlanta Part 2

This post is the continuation of the previous blog post on my recent trip to Atlanta. If you have not already, please read it by clicking here.

Day 2
IMG_1810 copy

I stood behind Morgan to get a better view of our visit to a Chinese bakery where we sampled many things such as coconut puffs and bean turds. I made sure to mention that because I sampled a bean turd. Its a sesame seed bun filled with smashed beans, only the beans are made sweet. No offense to those who actually enjoy eating them, but that bean turd is something I wish to never place in my mouth again. Beside that, there were many pastries in this bakery that were delicious!

IMG_1811 copy Inside a Chinese Pharmacy. If I remember correctly, the two people wearing gloves are combining natural elements such as tree bark and etc to crush together to makes teas and medicines. There is also a cobra in a bottle in the background, but you cannot see it from this angle. IMG_1813 copyAsian Square. This place is a combination of different businesses of those who are Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. There was one particular store, which I have no pictures of, where you could purchase statues of Buddha and many other things. It was a nice place to buy souvenirs such as Chinese Fans, hats, etc. And many of the teenagers bought these sort of items from that business. IMG_1814 copy Every day the teens went around the apartment complexes to bring kids to come play or face paint. This is Hollie who was bringing this little girl to have her face painted.IMG_1859 copy These kids could jump! They played jump rope continuously.IMG_1870 copy This little boy is so precious! I had to get a picture of him!IMG_1883 copy These kids were about to began a craft.IMG_1929 copy An above shot of face painting in the making!IMG_1938 copy There was a little girl who almost glued herself to Avery. She was a little camera shy. So when Avery sat with her alone, I took advantage of getting the angle from the back. The reason why I did this is because Avery was being one on one with this girl, and she was listening to every word Avery was saying. Both girls had no knowledge that I was behind them. I wanted to capture a moment when a bond was being formed. There was no one else near them. Just the two of them.IMG_1943 copy I don’t know who did this, but a little girl has a too much fun painting Bailey’s face. At this location, most of the kids wanted to paint the teenagers faces more than they wanted their own. So of course, everyone allowed them to. Another great way to bond with little ones.IMG_1946 copy Even Noah got into it. Captain America was a big deal this week.IMG_4163 copy At some locations, faces were painted on a curb…away from the road of course.

It is surprisingly cool in the shade.IMG_4175 copy IMG_4185 copy The kids were learning more about The Ten Commandments.IMG_4225 copyAnother example of the kids wanting to doodle on others. Michelle was having her face painted by this talented young lady. She was pretty good too! She painted on most of the other teens faces…or arms. Whichever she chose.

Be looking for Part 3 soon!



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