Urban Plunge: Atlanta Part 3

IMG_1981 copy

When people ask me what stood out the most to me on this trip, the first thing I think of was of the picture above, of a Hindu Temple inside The Global Mall. Sure I’ve seen on TV about Hindu worship and read about it. But to actually be in a presence of it made it more of a reality to me. Everyone took their shoes off, and sat on the floor with our legs crossed, while Tim explained more to us about the display of this temple. I remember after leaving, I could hear through the walls people singing and ringing a large bell. Hindu worship had begun.

IMG_2006 copy She didn’t know this, but on the last day, I watched Katie very closely interacting with the kids. I love her heart for them and her smile. In my eyes she was being very motherly.IMG_2007 copy The group participating in a craft, which also explained more of The Gospel to the kids.IMG_2021 copy She looks to sad. I really don’t know why.

IMG_2028 copy

Ashlen helping two boys with their craft.

IMG_2030 copy

IMG_2038 copy IMG_2045 copy This girl was quite the flexible one!IMG_2052 copy Morgan gained two new best buds this week!IMG_2071 copy Abbey was talking with this little girl and making her laugh. She is so precious!IMG_2082 copy One of the few teenagers I saw all week. I love how Morgan spent some time talking with her.IMG_4226 copy IMG_4235 copy IMG_4236 copy IMG_4253 copy IMG_4285 copy Out of every picture taken, this is my absolute favorite one! I loved to catch Katie swinging this girl around in her arms. This little girl loved her! And I know that she will remember the love Katie showed her the rest of her life.IMG_4346 copy Jayden talking with some of the kids.IMG_4353 copy Katie and Morgan talking more with the kids about The Gospel. As well as explaining the craft that went with it.
IMG_4366 copy IMG_4367 copy This little boy sat alone until…IMG_4370 copy Nathan came along and talked with him a few minute later. IMG_4375 copy IMG_4379 copyOne final picture before saying good-bye. Looking back at some of the students, I could see some tears. Bonds and friendships were formed in such a little amount of time. I could tell it was a little hard to say good-bye so soon.

I am highly impressed and proud of our group of students. I was in amazement how each one took the time to bond with a child, most had never met before, and show love to them all week long. The teenagers took the focus off themselves, stepped out of their comfort zone, and gave a part of their heart away. It has made a lasting impact on them, and they will grow more spiritually because of it. The desire and heart of this trip was to share the love of Jesus to them. And its sad to say that many of the kids that we met did not come from loving homes. For the small amount of time everybody had, they gave it their all, and left it on the field. I can’t say enough just how proud I am to see this in such young people. Its an army that God is preparing even more for the future to come.

I have decided to not end this here, but to have one more Blog Post. So please, stay tuned for the final chapter of this story.



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