Urban Plunge: Atlanta Finale

It was surely a blessing for me to be apart of a mission trip such as this one, to Atlanta, where there are so many different cultures and races represented in one city, who are searching for purpose and love, and overall searching for Jesus Christ. Most are unaware of their desire for Him. But this week was a part of an awakening desire that God begins to work on people’s heart. And He continues to work and never lets go. Every student and adult who attended this trip was apart of a bigger story being written. Which led to a small burden on my shoulders.

When I was asked to create a video of this trip months ago, all I could think about was how I haven’t created a video in 5 years. At the time I had a junkie camera with a low battery which sometimes made me want to chug it across the room. I take lots of pictures and I am very secure in that alone. But video is a different thing for me. In whatever I do, I want to give it my all. Because I know that tellings stories is a big deal to God.

I didn’t know what to expect on this trip. As a photographer, I generally know what to expect when I schedule a session, or asked to photograph an event so that I can plan somewhat all I will do and how I will do. But I have never been on an Urban Plunge trip before. My church has gone four years previously already. And even though people would tell me more about the trip, and what everyone did the last four years, I still could not plan how I would film anything until I experienced it first hand. To some that may not be a big deal, but for an artist it is. And it all began first with a song.

A few weeks before leaving for Atlanta, I could not decide on a song to go with this video. Since I did not know what to expect, how could I plan a song? In video making, you cannot just put any song to any video. It has to flow with what you have filmed. And I had no clue what to do. And so I spoke with God about it. I acknowledge that there was a bigger picture here than I knew, and I wanted it to be done right.

Every day I listen to the radio on my way to work. The song ,”Even So Come,” by Kristian Stanfill was playing continuously every time I would turn on the radio.  Every time I head it, something inside of me kept saying strongly, “This is the song. This is the song for Urban Plunge.” For a while I kept ignoring it. Because how could I plan on a song to fit this mission trip before experiencing the trip myself. I just couldn’t see it working. But every time I heard it play it was as if God was pushing it, “Erin, this is the song I want you to use.” So a week before the trip,  when I downloaded the song from iTunes, I could only find the “Live” version. “God, there is no way I am using a live song on a video. Thats like the number 6 rule of video editing. You just don’t use live songs.”  But God was pushing it on me, “Yes, you will use this song.” So I prayed some more,” Okay God, I will download this song. But please give me a back-up song incase this one doesn’t work. I just don’t know what to expect on this trip.” You can guess what God said next. “You are not getting a back-up song. You are using this one.” I still tried to find a back-up song anyways. And I could not find one. “Even So Come” became so strong in me that I took a huge chance on filming the video according to the flow of this song. I was really afraid that it would not work and then what would I do.

From some challenging thoughts of my own, I was able to let go of them the week of Urban Plunge, and film all I could film and let God take care about how the video flowed. Once I began to work on the video, I became amazed with how it turned out. I really hope that everyone who sees it, will not just see moving images, but will see the heart that I put into it. And to be moved and inspired in some sort of way that it will encourage each person to put their faith in action.


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