Fowler Siblings

I am glad that I can finally reveal the sweet faces of Spicer, Axl, and Judah. The rain could not prevent these three beautiful kids from smiling for the camera! No, we were not in the rain. However, rain was on the way. In a few of the images below, you will see some dark sky. About 30 minutes into the session we had to cut it short and run to the house to take cover. This is one of the rare moments that rain ever occurs during a session. While it rained, I was welcomed into the Fowler’s House for a glass of water and cold watermelon. Though the session ended early, it was a perfect ending to a series of great Portraits of some truly amazing kids.

Below are some of my favorite Portraits that I have decided to share.
IMG_4716 copy IMG_4721 copy IMG_4734 copy IMG_4742 copy IMG_4767 copy IMG_4785 copy IMG_4831 copy IMG_4883 copy IMG_4899 copy IMG_5198 copy Incase some may not be able to tell, the kids played with sparklers before the rain came. Sadly, they did not pop out as much as we’d hope the would. But they made for good Portraits anyways.IMG_5199 copy IMG_5205 copy IMG_5214 copy IMG_5227 copy IMG_5247 copy IMG_4841 copy


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