I am pleased to introduce to you, Kota. He is the happiest little boy alive. He is full of smiles and laughter. He was pure joy the day I met him for Portraits. I enjoyed him laughing and smiling so big, and running up and down this bridge. He’s one cool dude.IMG_6959_1 copy IMG_6970 copyIMG_7017 copyLook at this smile! I can’t get enough of him!IMG_7026 copy IMG_7066 copy IMG_7091 copy IMG_7116 copy

Kota loved having his picture taken. After I’d take a few shots, he’d then run towards me and looked at my camera to see what I took of him. He loved it!
IMG_7175 copy Love the back lighting on this Picture. I never photograph my clients with their faces facing the sun. The sun is always put behind them, or they are in open shade. Some people might disagree with this being that backlighting, depending on the circumstances, can cause a deep shadow on the client’s face and can also be hard to lighten up at times. But this time, it rocked. IMG_7194 copyOne of the best close ups of Kota. I adore this Portrait. It was random but those are simply the best ones. 🙂
IMG_7234 copy


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