The Green’s

This was one of my favorite days to play with the sun. I took The Green’s to Pendergraft Park where the sun was pure perfection and leaves began to fall from their limbs onto the ground. It turned out that me and sis other photographers all had the same idea to take Family Portraits on this particular day, and this particular location. I’ve never had something like this happen before. So I was quite aware of a lot of people hanging around. IMG_7747 copy Jessica and her daughter, Maddie.IMG_7759 copy

I just love this sun!

IMG_7799 copy IMG_7807 copy IMG_7810 copy IMG_7845 copy IMG_7848 copy Maddie being tickled. IMG_7877 copy IMG_7886 copy For maybe a ten minute period time, Maddie ran in a complete circle. She had lots of energy and had to get it out. We let her run, and managed to get a snapshot of her in action!IMG_7959 copy

It was towards the end of the Session, and managed to get a good one of Maddie in her sweet little red dress. It suites her just fine!


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