Diamond, Joe, & Isaiah

At the beginning of 2015, I photographed Diamond and Joe’s Maternity Portraits. This little guy was a little over a month away from entering the world. His parents and family were so excited for his arrival, and are full of even more joy to have him everyday. Isaiah is a happy 8th month old boy. He loves to smile, and loves it when you made funny noises at him. I was so excited to photograph him now.

The day for Diamond and Joe’s Family Portraits was a photographers best wish. The weather was perfect with not one cloud in the sky. The leaves were beginning to turn their best colors. The location for their session was at my house actually. I rarely bring clients to my house. But on my land I have very little distractions. Plus, this is the location I’ve used to help perfect at my craft and still continue to do so.

IMG_6115 copyIMG_6125 copyIMG_6283 copyI just love his chubby little cheeks!IMG_6332 copyIMG_6353 copyIMG_6363 copyIMG_6382 copyIMG_6428 copyIMG_6546 copyIMG_6607 copyIMG_6694 copyIMG_6797 copyIMG_6848 copyIMG_6881 copyIMG_6900 copyIMG_6884 copy


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