The Arnolds

Meet The Arnold’s. This was a Session that almost didn’t happen. The weather was very wet and rainy. So sun period. Just really dark clouds and sprinkles. I will usually stay away from this kind of weather, presenting the obvious with rain. But I had a hard time saying no. My client and I Facebook messaged, texted and what not all day and then we finally went with, “Okay, lets do this.” So even though it was raining some and I held my hand over my lens the entire time to protect it from the rain, we took pictures with the rain and the wind. I had this really cool feeling inside of being up for anything and this was something else I could add to my incredible cool Photo Session experiences I can one day share with people. 😀

The Arnold’s currently have two girls, and are expecting a third in December.
IMG_7980_edited-1 copy IMG_8000_edited-1 copy IMG_8004 copy IMG_8009 copy IMG_8017 copy This is my favorite! Oh my gosh, when I went through the RAW images and came to this one I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. It is so precious and I could not pass this one up.IMG_8018 copy IMG_8029 copy IMG_8068 copy IMG_8081 copy IMG_8088 copy This is of the two girls running together. We can to a point in the Session where the girls decided to play with the grass. And for a good ten minutes we could not get them to do anything else. They would pick the grass from the ground, and then throw it away from them. And then they began to play chase with each other. But I managed to catch one of them holding onto each other’s arms and laughing. Two sisters together, even in the rain.IMG_8131 copy


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