The Austin’s

First off, I will say that I adore this family! The Austin’s are very kind people, and their four boys are very photogenic! They gave perfect smiles, did everything that I asked of them, and were up for anything! I enjoyed photographing and editing the series of pictures that you are about to see.

I had never been to this location before, which is a portion of property right outside of Bloomer, that I drive by at least once a week and never once noticed it, with an old broken down house and a field of openness including hay bails. The Austin boys made the evening fun and extra creative with for me. I could tell they were having as much fun as I was.

IMG_8305 copy IMG_8320 copy IMG_8329 copy IMG_8367 copy These boys were so good!IMG_8388 copy IMG_8415 copy IMG_8436 copy IMG_8560 copy IMG_8584 copy IMG_8589 copy IMG_8638 copy IMG_8647 copy IMG_8682 copy The boys wanted to get on top of this hay bail so bad!IMG_8760 copy IMG_8815 copy IMG_8895 copy


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