My Bible

My Bible

I have always had a Bible since I can remember. From the time I was a baby being dedicated back to God and receiving a pink New Testament Bible, to several through out my childhood, then the Extreme Teen Bible I still have to this day that has fallen completely apart and every single verse is highlighted in wild colors with some torn pages.

And then there is The Bible I carry to church with me today. My big, hunky, auburn Bible my parents gave me my senior year in High School. I’ve almost had this Bible for ten years.

As of right now, my Bible is laying down on the floor, because I need pressure on the cover to make sure the glue stays put so it can dry properly. Since it is currently in remission, I decided to get another one of my Bible’s out to study. And I felt the weirdest thing: its as if I was looking at a different book. Like this book wasn’t really mine. What I mean by this is, this Bible is still clean with smooth pages. The cover is not torn in any way whatsoever. In fact, it almost looks brand new. I have very few verses highlighted. As weird as this may sound: I have Scripture memorized, yet in this particular Bible, I don’t know where anything is at. I am clueless as to where to go in this Bible. Its as if I don’t know it. How can I not know it? Its the same book. The same Word of God as my other Bible in remission. How can this not seem right?

My hunky auburn Bible. How many tears have I cried over those pages of pain, suffering, depression, confusion, sin, conviction, truth revealing, life changing kind of tears. Nine years worth of tears. How many intense hours have I given to studying, researching and teaching from this Bible. I have given years of getting to know God, understanding God, falling in love with God, learning from God, God speaking to me through this Word, God changing me through my big, hunky, auburn Bible. I have accidentally dropped it several times, had it fall off the front seat of my car while driving around a big curve with book marks flying all over the floor. There are too many pages that are creased from being pressed to hard. There are countless highlighted Scripture. The pages are no longer white, but more like a light brown from the oils of my fingertips. The cover is torn in several places, which I am trying to re-glue again.

Some may say, “You haven’t taken good care of that $50 Bible.” I dare to differ. I have a relationship with my Bible. I have given time and energy to it, and it is beginning to show it. It actually hurts me to glue pieces together, because I know that one day I won’t be using this Bible again and it will completely fall apart. Though anyone at anytime can go buy a Bible from almost anywhere, my Bible is one of a kind because it is mine. When I do have to buy a new one, it will be starting from the beginning again: a new relationship with the same book.


One thought on “My Bible

  1. It’s been said that the owner of a well-worn bible is in the best place/position (because YOU know who your Father is!). A Bible kept pristine and nearly looking untouched by its owner…their life is probably what’s falling apart (from bible non use.) 😦


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