The Stamper’s

One of my favorite families: The Stamper’s.

This Session took place on a warm sunny Sunday afternoon after church. I normally have Session’s in the evening, simply because of the color of light. But truth be told, you can take great pictures in the middle of the day even with bright light as long as you have open shade. I was so happy that the old building’s in Lavaca were in perfect shade at this point in the day. There is no squinting, no shadow’s. Just perfection.

The Stamper’s have a servant’s heart, and serve at my church. They are a family filled with love for God and for the people around them, and for those who are strangers. If you were to meet them for the first time, your heart would be filled with kindness and you’d walk away with a good smile. I was happy when they asked me to take their Portraits for this time of year.
IMG_9009 copy Brother and Sister, Nathan and Alicia. IMG_9011 copy IMG_9029 copy IMG_9059 copy The Family. IMG_9066 copy Dawayne and Erin. IMG_9074 copy I have to talk about the next few photo’s. I really do everything outdoors. However, when it does come to indoor’s and you don’t have any type of studio light in hand, window light is so important! I was happy for the Christmas tree to be so close to the entrance of our student center, because the entrance is huge with window light. That is the only light I used in the image above and below. I should also mention, I am not a fan of flash. I will do everything I can to never use it. I have to do everything in my power to set my camera to take any dark picture naturally, and then be pushed hard before even using a flash. Thats just me.

Always use window light first. 🙂IMG_9082 copy IMG_9088 copy IMG_9097 copy


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