The McCabe’s

I can’t say enough how blessed I am to have the opportunity to take pictures for so many families this year! Not just that, but God has blessed me with wonderful, fall weather as it was for The McCabe’s this fine day. The day was of crisp color and leaves were everywhere!IMG_9105 copy Say hello to Paisley, who is a year and a half old. IMG_9126 copy IMG_9209 copy Paisley loves to be in her dad’s arms. When he would pick her up, she’d feel safe and secure, and gave me a smile for this caption shot. It’s good for a child to feel that way in her dad’s arms.
IMG_9236 copy IMG_9310 copy IMG_9393 copy I must mention that I was invited to The McCabe’s house to their session. Their land is absolutely beautiful and full of potential! There is so much to do there and can’t wait to visit it again!IMG_9409 copyIMG_9449 copy IMG_9456 copy IMG_9459 copy IMG_9464 copy IMG_9479 copyI love this family! The McCabe’s!


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