Little Armani. Her grandma wasn’t joking when she told me how photogenic Armani was. I was completely blown away by her. Armani was full of smiles, and sometimes tears too. But it happens. Even in tears she was still the best baby model ever. 🙂

IMG_0022 copy

IMG_0032 copy IMG_0084 copy This one above would be my favorite out of all Armani’s Portraits. Just the way she is sitting on the log with her little leg cocked up. She did that on her own by the way.
IMG_0114 copy IMG_0230 copy I thought this was too precious to pass up. Even when children do cry, it is still something to be cherished.IMG_0247 copy IMG_9723 copy I was so thankful for a bright sunny evening for Armani’s Portraits. The sun was setting at just the right time for this picture and below. Most of the leaves from the trees were already on the ground. Even then, Fall still shines.IMG_9794 copy IMG_9830 copy IMG_9866 copy IMG_9874 copy IMG_9920 copyAshley is Armani’s mother. I asked her if she’d like a couple with her daughter. Kinda on the spot, but she said yes.


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