This is my good friend, Erica. I first met her a little over 5 years ago at church. She’s so nice and friendly, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her frown. She always has a smile on her face, and what a sweet smile it is. IMG_0315 copy IMG_0319 copy This is Erica’s dog, Buddy. Erica mentioned to me that he can be a little crazy sometimes, which is what this image shows. But at the same time its cute and funny.IMG_0326 copy The only one Buddy actually faced me. I held a dog treat in on of my hands and held it under my camera.IMG_0342 copy IMG_0346 copy IMG_0371 copy Carol Ann Cross Park has a lovely lake. Water images in the Fall are simply divine. 🙂IMG_0386 copy IMG_0396 copy This one is probably my favorite. As I’ve mentioned before, I love backlight Portraits with the sun peaking over. It adds glow to the hair and really stands out.IMG_0418 copyThis was Erica’s only request, to throw leaves in the air.


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