The Bodiford’s

The Bodiford Family were my last client for the year 2015. It was also Thanksgiving Day. It was cloudy and about to rain any second, but we hurried up to the backyard and probably within 10 minutes, had these pictures taken and more. The ones I am showing you are my favorite ones from their Session.

The Bodiford’s are a fun family! I could deeply tell they were close with one another, and enjoyed being with each other. Each of them were full of laughs and up for anything.  I’m pretty sure I was laughing along with them almost the entire time. Its moment’s like these where you forget to pose and look proper for a picture, but rather have some fun with it. Its in those moments that you have greatness and show the true personality of a family. I’m glad I was able to capture that in The Bodiford’s.IMG_0623 copy Here’s one example of how fun this family can be.:)IMG_0635 copy IMG_0640 copy IMG_0655 copy IMG_0673 copy IMG_0676 copy IMG_0693 copy IMG_0700 copy IMG_0705 copyIMG_0714 copyOne last throw of leaves to end the Fall Season.


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