This One’s For The Girls

The heavy rain maybe weather that we wish would be finished with already. You can’t go outside, you’re stuck indoors. You cuddle up in your PJ’s and decided to drink coffee and watch Dirty Dancing. Okay, maybe this isn’t how you’ve spend your Sunday afternoon today, but it is how I have spent mine thanks to the rain. However, there is something very good about the rain and why it is good that it has kept me indoors: the fact that it has drawn me to spend a little time with God. The rain has brought me out to look at the condition of my heart once again, and see what God is wanting to do with it. This is only a minor reflection of that, which is why I’m writing this for the female audience from another female’s perspective.

We don’t always catch the work that the devil is doing inside of us. Sometimes we are very unaware until a much later time and then can see the events that led us into a time of confusion, brokenness, or something else. As in my life, as well as yours, there are things we may never understand or have an answer to. And it can feel like hurt because we don’t know. One of those things is self-esteem.

For the first time in my life, a young lady who I worked with told me that I needed to eat a cheeseburger. We know what that usually means. I pushed her comment aside, laughed with her, and tried to forget about it. Though I know she had no bad intentions behind her comment, I heard a very different message from her. Either you yourself are told you need a cheeseburger too, or told you need to loose weight, you’re hearing the same message: Something is wrong with you and you need to change. Us girls can hang on to this message with all our hearts and re-design our entire lives trying to live up to it. I must admit I have been guilty of this. The lies of the enemy, Satan, will tell you how imperfect your are and slowly point out all the things the world says is wrong, but will do it in a funny way of some sort. We don’t even see it. Its about time we took a stand and take back our identities.

Maybe you’re one of those girls who often receives comments on how beautiful you are. Thats great. But those words are fleeting. And can never make you whole. Psalm 146:3-4 NASB,”Do not trust in princes, In mortal man in whom there is no salvation. His spirit departs, he returns to the earth; In that very day his thoughts perish.” If you live for those words, you will do everything in your power to always have them. But thats just it, you can’t always have them. You can have their memory. But over time, words can change. Thoughts and feelings can change. And the constant pursue of them drag us down and turn us into insecure little girls instead of godly grown up women.

Or maybe you’re one of those girls who never hears how beautiful you really are. Thats okay too. Because the only words you need to define you and fill you up inside are the ones said about you in God’s word. Often when I tell girls this, they have little knowledge of what His word actually says because they have never taken the time to find out for themselves. May I ask you, just what will it take for you to finally open up the Bible and see all you’ve been missing? Psalm 139: 17-18 NASB,” How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! If I could count them, they would outnumber the sand…”

I remember at age 15, with very little dress clothing, jewelry, and make-up I had at that age, I would pretty up myself to my liking in hopes for someone to tell me I was beautiful every Sunday when I’d go to church. I say at church, because at 15 I was homeschooled and didn’t get out to see people that often. Church was almost my only social circle. However, every week no one would comment on my looks. No boy would tell me he thought I was pretty. I did this for two years, and every Sunday came home hurt. I don’t know why it took so long, but a few years later I finally had enough of wanting to be defined by others. It drove to me to God saying, “Fine. Tell me who I am so I can feel something thats not this.” And girls, I can’t say enough how that was the best decision I have ever made. When you learn who you are in Jesus, washed by His blood, bought at a price while still a sinner, promised with a heavenly inheritance , and so much more found in Scripture, you think of nothing else but what you know is true. You choose His words above the words you wish to hear from others. And then you walk in such a way that makes you shine to the point that people do see something about you that stands out. Every single girl desires to be such as this, but often wants it done their way, instead of the only way it was meant to be all along: God’s Way.

The rain that is still pouring down outside has brought me to spend time with God about how I see myself in the worlds eyes. Though I do eat enough cheeseburgers, I cannot ever eat enough to please. But I don’t have to. I sometimes have to be reminded that I am good enough, not just good enough but extravagant in the eyes of God, and choose this truth even though no one else says it to me, except Jesus. So in you’re own personal life, are you doing that? Do you choose to practice when you wake up in the morning and believe, “I am a child of God,” and are you living like it during the sometimes rainy days in your life?


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