The Dorrough’s, The Green’s, & The Yorgey’s

The Sunday before Christmas, at kinda the last minute, I met three sweet families for Family Portraits. I usually don’t have Session’s in the Winter months, however, it has been an especially and unusual warm December. We were able to meet on Sunday after church, and the weather was warm and cloudy, which is whats needed to take pictures in the middle of the day.

IMG_0833 copy The Dorrough’s with their grandchildren. They were so good!IMG_0847 copy Everyone all together!

For the next series of images, I wanted to add one small detail: People will often tell me how they love it when I add “the blur” in the background of my images. I really want to state that the blur is not added. I know in some softwares that many people use, a blur such as this can be created to a certain extent. However, every Portrait I take, especially of close ups, the blur is created inside of my camera by increasing my shallow depth of field and is never added in post production. In the images below, my aperture was set to 1.8, which is what creates an out of focus background. I believe in creating as much inside of the camera as possible to what I am looking for with very little editing later. The real art of Photography is when you create it yourself. The camera is only a tool. IMG_0860 copy IMG_0865 copy IMG_0890 copy IMG_0912 copy IMG_0933 copy IMG_0954 copy IMG_0963 copy The Yorgey’s.IMG_0998 copy The Green’s.IMG_1016 copy Brother & Sister.IMG_1035 copy Sisters.IMG_1075 copy IMG_1083 copy IMG_1105 copy

Mr. & Mrs. Dorrough.

Some of the greatest Session’s I have had are when there is a lot of laughing.  With spending only a short time with these three families, I could see they all deeply loved and enjoyed being in each others company. The Dorrough’s, The Green’s, and The Yorgey’s give a great example and a glimpse of what a true family who loves God should be. I’m so glad I was a part of capturing these three wonderful families, and to also capture the love they have for one another.


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