A Season Of Change.

IMG_1426 copy

Above Image: 1/2,500. F 1.8 ISO 250. 4:30 PM.

There are some who may think very little of this. And then there are some who will read all the way through and disagree with everything I am about to say. And maybe the rest will read it word for word and will still use my services for their Family Portraits, or whatever Portraits they are desiring at the time. I know your time is important. So I will be to the point but in the best detail as needed.

First off, I can’t say enough how thankful I am to every client who I have met in the past 6 years. Through much practice and word of mouth, I have reached further than I ever believed I would be with Photography. And I desire to still go further. With more time and work, I believe it will happen.

With that being said, I am announcing that my Session Prices will be changing for the year 2016. I am writing this into a blog because I feel it to be better to explain why the price increase and why the need to move forward and separate myself away from hobbiest to Professional. I am in no way putting down those who charge less, or those who charge one amount with all the digitals on a CD, for I have done that myself. But beginning now for me and what I do, some things need to change.

As of recently, the only thing included with my Packages were the amount of digitals on a CD and the amount of time I would meet with my client. All that into one price. Most people expect that when they hire a photographer and want nothing else. However, I never would actually break down all the time it would take to first have the Session, then the time to edit each image that was good, then the price for gas, then the prep work into getting the images ready for online ( trust me, its more than just uploading a picture ), and the cost to buy the CD’s and the cases. Not just that, I have failed to also include the money that goes behind my equipment such as my camera, lenses ( because I do upgrade ), computer and computer software ( I upgrade on that as well ), camera bags ( cause if you can believe it, you go through them quick ), and include normal things such as bills, car payments, and etc. You get the drift. I should have been doing this a long time ago, I know. But I felt too much fear in increasing my Session Fee’s because I live in a small town with the majority thinking of what is cheap instead of paying for quality. I understand that not everyone can afford great Portraits. Everybody has a different budget. And my new Session Prices will not fit everybody’s budgets. So please understand: I have to make a living too. I’ve said before that I work full time at a Retail Chain as a Manager and do Photography on the side. I will do this for as long as it will take. But my plan is to eventually weave away from my current job and do Photography full time. In order for me to accomplish that, I have to make the necessary steps to get this goal completed.

My Session’s will be changing quite a bit. While before my Session’s only include the time and amount of digitals on a CD, the digitals will now be placed on an 8GB Wooden USB Drive, personalized with one of your Session Portrait printed on the front. This is part of what is increasing the Session’s Fee, I will add. Why am I switching from CD to USB? Because CD’s are cheap, they look cheap, and it makes me look cheap. My Portraits are not something to be taken as cheap, because I put so much of myself and time into them. So you can understand: I want to get away from anything cheap.

Before, I offered optional printing. Now printing will be included in each Session. You will not only be purchasing your digitals, but also in Print through my personal Lab who prints the best quality images you can purchase. The price for these prints will be included in with the Session into one price. You will pay only once. You will order only once. With every client, you will have your Session time ( payment made in full day of Session ), then schedule a second meeting to choose your Portraits as well as your print sizes, and then schedule a third meeting to pick up your package.

A second thing I will be adding to the Price Change is a Traveling Fee. Though I love to travel, and encourage it, to take Portraits for clients and see new locations with new things and photograph families in their backyards, traveling for a $50 Session who’s location is 30 to 45 minutes away takes a lot of time and gas money. By the end of the day, I have very little money to take home and do something with besides filling up my gas tank. I will be charging a rate of $10 as of right now for all Session’s occurring outside of Ozark to cover for my gas only.

Please understand that I value myself and what I do. I really hope you will value what I do too. I do not just snap the shutter button and take a picture then BOOM! There ya go! Sometimes I will spend an hour if not more on one single image if it is needed. I educate myself constantly to create better quality in Photography and Light. And I will not lie: sometimes I feel very unappreciated and disregarded for all I do, even more when someone tells me they found someone else to take their Portraits who charges cheaper or free. Every Photographer out there will say the same thing.

Again, I know my prices will not fit everyone’s budget. I know that is not your fault. However, these changes are a must, and will help me to move forward into where I feel God leading me vs. remaining where I am trying to please every person I meet. Its a big risk but it is one that I must take sooner than later. I will be announcing the new Session’s and Pricing within the next week or so on my Facebook Page. My Investment Page located on my website will temporarily be invisible for the time being.

I hope and pray that despite the changes that are happening, every client will still choose my services because I give the best of me, I photograph every family as if they were my own, and that I desire to give you not only what is good, but what is quality for your family to enjoy for years to come.


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