Red Riding Hood

I’ve wanted to do themed sessions for a long time. And so, I decided one day to make it happen. I wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to push my style further than the norm. I wanted to go a little more dramatic. And a bit darker.

Incase you didn’t know, I have a love for fairy tales. I love stories and I seek originality. I have discovered how many little fairy tales stand on their own, and is not just for little kids. Adults can enjoy and learn from them as well.

In all honesty, I chose Red Riding Hood because I knew that I could afford to. A starving artist is a starving artist. Plain and simple. The Shoot was done at my house in the woods. All I needed to provide was a hood, a dress, and someone willing to model for it. I did all I could not to buy a costume. I wanted my model to really look as though she belonged in that time period. I found a hood, and found a white dress in a boutique down town for $10. In fact, I wore that same dress on Easter Sunday. I wasn’t going to buy something I wouldn’t wear later myself.

IMG_1731 copy This is the first picture that started it all. There was originally a wire fence behind Leigh Ann, which I decided to remove thinking that a wire fence would never be in Red Riding Hood’s day.
IMG_1753 copy However, because it took a really long time to remove that fence, when I came to this image above, I did not have any desire to remove it a second time. So this time, the fence stayed. IMG_1777 copyA basket with a red checkered cloth is often placed with a Red Riding Hood costume. Because of this, I did not want to have one. If I could help it, I did not want it to appear Leigh Ann was wearing a Halloween costume. What most people leave out of the story of Red Riding Hood, is that her mother told her to stay on the trail to Grandma’s house and to not get off it. But, the wolf tempted Red Riding Hood into going off the path and to pick wild flowers before going to Grandma’s house. So thats what the image above is to be associated with. I only wish I would have done more pictures with this basket, for this is the only one came out.
IMG_1784 copy This one. Perfect.
IMG_1824 copy I said above that the Shoot was held at my house. The day before I went into the woods ( funny, I can hear that song from the movie in my head ) and decided what I was going to do, how I was going to pose Leigh Ann. And then, took a sling blade and cleared every spot I had intended to use. By myself. Yeah baby…IMG_1847 copy IMG_1866 copy IMG_1910 copy IMG_1930 copy IMG_1943 copy During post production, I realized I had used this oil lamp way to much. Again, I wish I had paid more attention and mixed the basket in some more. Lesson learned.
IMG_1984 copy IMG_1993 copy IMG_2019 copyThe wind was very much in my favor. Since we were down in a valley, I believed the wind would not reach us. And I was concerned for when it did. But it worked for this picture.

I will note that their are no pictures with a wolf. Simply because, I could not afford to rent one, since some people can do that. Also for the fact that I couldn’t find an Overlay that was appealing. So there.

Special thanks to Leigh Ann Mitchell for being my model for this special Shoot! She was the perfect Red Riding Hood and we both had a lot of fun at creating.


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