Hunter: Senior 2016

Say hello to Hunter. He is a High School Senior of 2016. Hunter is a laid back kind of guy. I’d ask him, “Hey, lets take some pictures by this tree. Hey, lets get some of you by that fence,” he’d say, “Yes ma’am.”

I like yes ma’am.

IMG_2772_1 copyOur first series of pictures took place in Hunter’s back yard ( have I mentioned before how much I love other people’s back yards? ) where there is planted a large Willow Tree. I also love Willow Tree’s.
IMG_2785_edited-1 copy

Hunter’s first close up.

IMG_2815_1 copyUnder the tree. The Willow leaves add a lot to this image.
IMG_2861_1 copyNext, we made our way to the front yard. By this point, I could tell Hunter felt more relaxed, because he began to smile more.IMG_2886 copyIMG_2915_1 copyIMG_2940_1 copyHunter also has a clue to his name: He likes to hunt. And he wanted some pictures wearing his usual everyday gear, along with his hat. IMG_2974_1 copySee that smile? I remember when editing this series of pictures all I could think of was, “Now look at that smile.” 🙂IMG_3035_1 copyIMG_3113 copyOur last set of pictures was at the road in front of the house, where it just so happened to be shady with trees. Because of that shade, I was able to face Hunter looking toward the sun instead of having the sun shining behind him. The trees made a great diffuser.IMG_3125 copy

Congratulations to Hunter on finishing High School, finally! 😀







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