IMG_3135 copy

Paisley is turning two years old. The moment I met Paisley at the beginning of her Session, she walked up to me with such a sweet expression, as if she were telling me, “I’m ready for my pictures now.” I gave her a hug and she leaned into me like I was her friend. It was a very sweet moment.IMG_3172 copy

We began in the backyard next to a Willow Tree. Paisley loved running through the long leaves, chasing her dad who was running with her also. Paisley is a little girl who loves to have fun with her dad.
IMG_3189 copy

We headed to an open field in front of the house next. Little dandelions scattered the green grass. Paisley was caught up in them all! She held them so close to her both to blow, it almost appeared as if she could eat them. She didn’t though.
IMG_3259 copy

IMG_3291 copy

Look at her face! We asked her to smile real big. This is her real big smile.IMG_3342 copy

IMG_3381 copy

Paisley was running towards me at this moment. IMG_3409 copy

More dandelions. IMG_3432 copy

Paisley had a very adorable laugh, as she was giving me in this shot. I told her mom, “Wait until she’s a teenager with that laugh.” It was so adorable, and funny. I couldn’t help but laugh myself when Paisley gave hers.IMG_3481 copy

A couple family pictures.IMG_3538 copy

The McCabe’s have cattle. And at this time, we were in their territory. And because of all the noise were were creating with Paisley, these black bulls got a little curious. And who would have thought that they would line up perfectly in a straight line behind the McCabe’s at this point. I’ve never experienced a moment like this before in a Session. But I must say it makes for a really cool family portrait, especially if you like cows.



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