The Cates

IMG_7268 copy

The Cate’s Family Portraits were originally taken back in October of 2015. Heather Cates has her lovely daughter, Hadlei. And now her adopted daughter, Tessa. Before the adoption occurred, I could not post these pictures of Tessa. But I am happy that now, I finally can and tell you more about these two sweet princesses!

IMG_7275 copy

Tessa was very shy to me at first. Actually, she gave me a lot of sad faces at the beginning. However, as a little time went by, she began to warm up, especially when her soon to be mother would smother her in kisses.IMG_7288 copy

IMG_7339 copy

This Session took place in Heather’s back yard. Can’t say enough how much I love other people’s backyards.IMG_7370 copy

IMG_7401 copy

IMG_7442 copy

IMG_7478 copy

Hadlei is currently in 5th grade. I remember meeting Hadlei 5 years ago. Together with her mother, and many other ladies, we packed out bags for Alaska for two weeks doing ministry. Hadlei has grown up so much since then. She is one of the sweetest young ladies I have met.IMG_7499 copy

IMG_7502 copy

From this time forward, now sisters.IMG_7555 copyI’m so glad for Tessa to now be welcomed into a loving family who loves Jesus, and loves her in the same way as He loves her.


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