The Bruso’s

Kyle and Megan Bruso are expecting their first child in May, a boy, named Brex Roy-Gene.IMG_3646 copy

Kyle and Megan are very excited and anticipating the arrival of Brex. Megan had mentioned to me multiple times how ready she is to have this baby.
IMG_3659 copy

IMG_3685 copy

I brought Kyle and Megan to Vache Grasse Park. The weather was perfect with a cloudless sky and sunlight hitting through the trees. Excellent for backlighting.IMG_3737 copy

IMG_3742 copy

IMG_3760 copy

IMG_3774 copy

IMG_3775 copy

This little cutie’s outfit holds a great amount of significance to Megan.IMG_3852 copy

IMG_3858 copy

IMG_3869 copy

IMG_3886 copy

Kyle and Megan said to me before we began the Session was that they were both very awkward in pictures. Actually, that information made it fun for me. Because this was a moment where Kyle felt very awkward, yet at the same time it was funny, and was a favorite of Megan’s.IMG_3894 copyBaby Brex will be here any day now. And this family cannot wait for the blessing that the Lord has given them. They are so ready! Congrats to the Bruso’s!


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