June Carter Inspired

IMG_3912 copyJune Carter Cash inspired me for this Photo Shoot. When I began to research, I truly believed that finding the correct look would be simple. June Carter was never wild or in anyway drawing attention to herself. I found many pictures of her from the 50’s. However, I wanted to create more of the 70’s June Carter style.
IMG_3926 copy From research and pictures of June Carter from the 70’s, I truly believe that finding the right clothing would be easy. June Carter usually wore simple clothing, always wearing sleeves. But I was proven wrong: it was very difficult to find any 70’s style dresses that were not loud or too short. I did much searching to find the right dress, and I know I may not even have gotten it close to being correct. One can only do her best.
IMG_3955 copy The Shoot began at an open field below my home. The usually early Spring flowers just so happened to be in bloom the week I scheduled The Shoot. And I hoped to photograph Anna in the flowers before everything was to be mowed. It was maybe two days after these Portraits that every single one of them had already died.
IMG_3968 copy IMG_3995 copy IMG_4041 copy IMG_4048 copy The tree that Anna is sitting on has been laying there dead for eight months now. Even a dead tree can be used in more ways than one.IMG_4057 copy IMG_4059 copy IMG_4079 copy I brought Anna out more towards the East edge. You can see the dead tree in the background on the far right. And right above where I was standing to take this shoot are telephone wires, which of course are out of sight. I have been seeing this image for many weeks before deciding that this is where June Carter needed to be taken. IMG_4140 copy IMG_4154 copy IMG_4188 copy I know there are many photographers out there who love film. I however, am not so much of a fan of it. Thats just my personal opinion. You’ll never see me add film grain to any of my Portraits. However, I made an exception for this one. Before going out on location and dwelling on how I was going to shoot, I wanted to re-create more of a 70’s album cover. I know most of my images are more bold with color than with dark red and brown hue’s, but this image is more for an album cover.IMG_4208 copy IMG_4231 copyFor the last image, I really wanted to make Anna laugh. June Carter smiled more than she frowned for her pictures. I reminded her about something a guy we work together with said one day. The first thought that came into her mind was how this guy suggested he bake her a certain dessert and he taste test it and tell her if it was worth it. This is when she laughed, and I pressed the shutter.

This series of Portraits is inspired by June Carter Cash, the wife of Johnny Cash. A special thank you to Anna Upton for being my model, for fixing her hair and make-up and giving me 30 minutes of her busy day after Prom Clients to make this Shoot happen!


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