Little Snow White

“Little Snow White,” is the actual name of this story, instead of Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” When I began my research for this Themed Shoot, I chose to stay away from anything that had Disney influence and went straight to the original story itself, which if you didn’t know, was written by The Brothers Grimm. The original story of Snow White is a very good one, and I believe stands on its own apart from Disney. I like to say, that Snow White is Snow White, instead of her always be referred to as a “Disney Princess.” She was first her own story. And I’ve said before in my previous post on Red Riding Hood, I did not want to put Snow White in a costume, especially from the movie. I wanted my Snow White to be authentic and set apart.
01 copy This is a more modern day version of Snow White.
02 copy This Themes Session is quite the opposite of my first two. Red Riding Hood and June Carter both have really warm tones with reds, yellows, and oranges. Plus both Shoots had backlighting, which is more my style. However, when it came to Snow White, I wanted to go darker. There is no backlighting of any kind in any of these Portraits. In fact, where we went in the woods there was almost no sunlight at all. It was darker than I would usually like it to be, only because this was the look I was looking for. The tones are more green and blue. And it works because I chose to place Emma in a white dress. And by the way, this is the exact same location as Red Riding Hood. Only there is much more greenery. So it almost doesn’t look like the same location at all.
03 copy 04 copy I went to great lengths to find the right apple. In the book, the apple that Snow White eats is part red and part white. Well, good luck on finding an apple like that in your normal grocery story. After observing the shapes of various apples for two days, I decided on the Jonathan Apple. The shape is what I was pleased with. 05 copy 06 copy 07 copy 08 copy 09 copy 10_1 copy11 copy

12 copy 13 copy This Picture! AHHH! What intensity! She really bit in the apple and I told her to hold it while I took a few shots. 14 copy 15 copyThis last Portrait was Emma’s idea, actually. It was 8 o’clock in the evening in the dark woods at this point. This was the very last picture taken. Tips for shooting in darker conditions: shoot wide. And have a steady hand. If not, use a monopad. I believe my ISO was 500 at this point, Aperture at 1.8, and Shutter Speed at 1\100. So yeah, it was dark!

Special thanks to Emma Roland who portrayed Snow White beautifully and Gracefully. I should also add that Emma ate that apple after we were finished. So it did not go to waste. 😀


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