When I say, “No.”

In the past six months, I have had to say “no” to many decisions. Actually, when I sum it up altogether, I have said “no” to a lot of open doors and once in a lifetime opportunities. More than once, circumstances and situations have never been or felt right. We’ve all been in the position of not knowing if this particular something is what we should or should not do, and fear regret or something bad happening. On the other hand, I have said “yes” to things that six months later, I never wish that I had said yes to. However, I choose not to let that be the “end” of things. If you make a mistake, admit it, move on and do things differently.

The past six months, I said “no” to many desires. The Lord hears my prayers, but has still chosen to to meet them. Does that mean He doesn’t love me? No. God only wants what is best for me. And as an obedient servant, I must abide to what He has before me, for however long it maybe. I recently said “no” to an internship that would have taken me out of Arkansas and into doing something more of what I wanted to to, and possibly leading to a job that fits more of my lifestyle. But I said, “no.” Because I have already made other commitments, and the timing was not right. I actually prayed, “Lord, why does it seem that when the greatest times in my life open up, I always have to say no?” It doesn’t seem fair. But after praying and seeking the Lord, I see a character high of wisdom than the Lord has placed inside of me. Wisdom is so important when making serious decisions. And with that in mind, I had to say “no.”

Also, in the past six months, I have said “yes” to many things. More open doors are still open to volunteer and serve, and thanks to my work schedule changing quite a bit, I am finally able to take advantage of that and walk through those open doors. I have said “yes” to pursuing Photojournalism and doing online courses that are changing the way I see the world. I have said “yes” to spending more time getting to know my community. I have said “yes” to changing the direction my photography is going. I am working to do more Themed Sessions and more Journalism Work. As of right now, I have several Journalism Projects ahead of me as well as planning the next Themed Session to be taking place in the Fall. I am not revealing what it shall be yet, but I will admit it is something I cannot stop thinking and planning about. I am very excited and if it wasn’t Summer already, I would have gotten started on it.

All and All, I may have said “no” to some things, but I am saying “yes” to things God has opened up without my help. I say “yes” to His leading, and though it may look like opportunities are flying by me and I’m just standing around, I am saying “yes Lord, I trust You with this life that isn’t mine, but Yours.”


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