The Bond’s

June 19th, 2016 was a very special Father’s Day. Below are a few family group pictures taken with Bob & Lucy Bond. Included are their kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. All together for a reunion. Earlier in the day, their home church gave them, in their honor, a church-wide breakfast, and gave their family, as a gift, Family Portraits taken by yours truly. June weather in Arkansas is pretty hot if you didn’t already know. I arrived at The Bond’s home ( which you can see in the background ), at around 12:45 PM. This was the only time the whole family ( which is a total of 24 people ) could get together. So yes, it was quite hot. But I am very thankful for there to have been enough shade for these Portraits.

I first met Bob & Lucy when I was almost 10 years old. I remember Bobbie leading the Sunday School directory in the church. As far as I know, he has always done so, and still does to this day. Lucy Bond, I remember most, could sing very much like an opera singer, even into her older years. This day was a surprise for them, and they had no idea their local church was putting on a day to honor them. I know they were very happy to have all their kids and grand-kids to spend the day with them. I was told it is not often they are all together at once like this. I am very happy that I was the one to capture this time of their fellowship together, and be a small part in honoring this family for their kindness, loyalty, and service that they have given their entire lives, and still do to this day.

IMG_0367 copy IMG_0375 copy IMG_0382 copy IMG_0392 copy IMG_0401 copy IMG_0411_1 copy IMG_0428 copy IMG_0449 copy


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