Another Confession…



IMG_5545 copyI’ve been staring at this screen for a while now, not entirely sure of what I need to write. Well, there are some things I really really want to say concerning the direction of my photography, but I am still keeping my lips sealed. Yet, what the Lord is stirring in my heart is terribly hard to keep a secret.

Oh well, I must.

However,  I will mention that as odd as some people may think, I have done zero marketing as far as Portrait Photography goes. I have yet to pay for a Facebook ad this year. And I still have a stack of business cards on top of my fridge. There is a reason for my lack of marketing, yes. Mostly, because I am wanting to focus on school 100%. And through schooling and learning more of an eye for photojournalism, this much I would like to share of what the Lord is doing with me.

As I study more about past and current Photojournalist’s, my eyes are open to a new world of endless possibilities, and desire to photograph in the future more spontaneous story telling. Right now, one of my current school assignments involves Street Photography. I’ve hardly ever given much of my time to Street Photography. Yet now, I am being challenged to spend 4 hours at one time to do just that. I am terrified yet also excited. While I am very much accustomed to posing and staging my clients, I am now having to do the opposite. And if any person is in my frame, they won’t be a client.

I’ve also faced a little set back, and trying to answer the question : What area of photography is the Lord leading me to do?

The opportunity is endless, really. I am already planning to photograph and video a mission trip in a couple of weeks. Boy, I really like that. I will, hopefully, be putting together a major photo essay by the tail end of Fall of the County Fair atmosphere and do more traveling with that. So, I guess that is put in the “event” category. Still planning also, for a major Portrait Session involving two very popular characters. So that one is placed in the “Themed Session,” category.

All in all, I want to do every bit of whatever comes my way. And with that being said, I’m praying about next Summer. I said in a previous post that I turned down an internship for various reasons, and felt it wasn’t the right time. That still stands: it is not the right time. However, maybe next year, it will be the right time. I may want to do everything, but more than that, I want my photography to be used in ministry. Thats what I hope Summer 2017 will be about.


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