Atlanta: Part 1

Atlanta, or also known as HOTLanta, is where I spent a week photographing kids and students in six apartment complex’s. This is my second year riding through a big city but reaching the small corners that very few people pay attention to…but somebody did.

The Student Ministry at my church, First Lavaca, led a backyard atmosphere of crafts, bubbles, soccer, Bible stories. Oh, and more bubbles! But a majority of the time was spent building relationships with kids. For some apartment complex’s, this was something new to experience, for a few of them have never had a group ( or anybody ) show up one day to play with their kids. Some parents participated as well, and we were able to build relationships with them also.

The pictures below were taken on the first day of our trip. I took pictures as well as video, switching between two different camera’s with two different lenses. Most of these pictures were taken with a 50mm, or an 18mm wide angle lens. And at times to get a more wider shot, I switched from video mode to camera mode on one of my camera bodies. It was a lot of work! And before you knew it, was already time to pack up and go to another location. This day proved to be one of my most challenging experiences, and at times I was overwhelmed. One of those things being my contact lens’s were bothering me to the point that I had to switch to glasses which made photographing in the Atlanta heat more challenging and not as quick on my feet as I’d like to be. But it was conquered.

These are not all the pictures I took on the first day, but the one’s I chose for this blog to tell the story in my way. This trip was good practice for putting my photojournalism skills to use.

IMG_1109 copy 2 Kids doing a craft.IMG_1112 copy 1 IMG_1118 copy 3 Grace was telling a story about David & Goliath.IMG_1136 copy 4 One of the best things you can do is build relationships. First by being on their level and spending time with people, including young kids. IMG_5874 copy 5 IMG_5880 copy 18 A large portion this day I took in mind Portrait mode. I thought only Portraits with my 50mm lens. IMG_5885 copy 6 IMG_5886 copy 7 IMG_5891 15 copy IMG_5897 14 copy IMG_5912 copy IMG_5917 copy 8 IMG_5921 copy 12 IMG_5933 copy 16 IMG_5940 copy 9 IMG_5958 copy 17 IMG_5962 copy 10 IMG_5969 copy 11 IMG_5973 copy 13 IMG_5976 copy IMG_1172 copy IMG_1187 copy IMG_5980 copy I kept this one cause I thought it was funny.IMG_6014 copy IMG_5908 copy Caption this.IMG_1149 copy We gave out cross capes made out of t-shirts to the kids.
IMG_1197 copy IMG_1204 copyThe back view of one of the apartment complex’s. This was one of the locations that had never had a group come visit before. Over the hour’s time, more kids began to show up and play soccer. And at the end of the day, the kids asked if everyone would be coming back. It was a good feeling to tell them, “Yes, we will be back tomorrow.”

Atlanta: Part 2 will be posted at a later date. 🙂


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