Atlanta: Part 2

Day Two.

Everyday I visited two different apartment complex’s. So on the second day, I felt the kids at the first complex I visited were a little more camera friendly. Many did not mind me getting up close to take a picture of their new painted face. In fact, as soon as some kids had their faces painted, would soon after wash their face only to have it painted a second time, but with a different design.
IMG_6021 copyIMG_1346 copy This little girl is seeing face painted in the mirror.IMG_6046 copy This was very popular with the boys. Almost all of them wanted mustache’s painted on them.IMG_6062 copy IMG_6051 copy This little girl looked so sad. I don’t know what may be going on in her home life, but her expression speaks a lot about her. There are so many questions that one can ask like, “Why is she so sad? Was someone mean to her?” And you begin to feel compassion for her.IMG_6054 copy IMG_1427 copy IMG_6029 copy You can tell I used a Wide Angle Lens for this shot. I absolutely love how a Wide Angle makes my perspective so much clearer!IMG_1396 copy IMG_1405 copy IMG_1422 copy IMG_1356 copy IMG_6082 copy IMG_1472 copy Now to the second apartment complex of the day: No kids. So instead, the group decided to prayer walk through the area.IMG_1441 copy IMG_1456 copy IMG_1466 copy While prayer walking, the man on the right, was carrying his clean laundry to his apartment and stopped us to ask what we were doing. We said that were were praying for all the people who lived here in the apartments. And from that, this man began to share his view on God, Religion, and Prayer. From listening to this man speak, I could discern that he has been, and for quite some time, been seeking to understand God. He seemed to not completely have his head wrapped around it, but I could tell that he is trying. This group spoke with this man for some time.IMG_1462 copyAt the end of the conversation, we asked if we could pray for him. And so the group held hands with this stranger, and prayed over him. Me on the other hand, I had my camera recording the entire thing. It actually felt really special for me.

Part 3 will be next. 🙂


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