Atlanta: Part 3

IMG_1559 copy While in Atlanta, our group, along with two other groups, went on excursions during the morning and early afternoon hours. We visited a Global Market which imports almost every food you can’t think of from other countries, the Asian Market where we visited a souvenir shop as well as a bakery and Pharmacy. I did not, however, take pictures at any of these locations. I took in one camera to make it easier on myself, and decided these excursions would be best saved for video. I did decide this one time to take pictures when we visited a Hindu Temple located within The Global Mall. This is the one excursion that I enjoyed the most. I have always been interested in other religions and what they do and believe in, including why. I wish to photograph this more We were seated in this place close to 10 minutes. I was able to photograph and video.
IMG_1563 copy This place was packed full of students listening to Tim ( the guy in the white shirt ) educate everyone about Hindu beliefs and how they worship.IMG_1565 copy IMG_1566 copy IMG_1626 copy This was the final day that the students were to spend time with their kids. Here are a few doing a craft together.IMG_6083 copy IMG_6088 copy IMG_6094 copy This is a little boy Katie bonded with much during this trip.IMG_6109 copy IMG_6125 copy IMG_6128 copy IMG_6145 copy IMG_6200 copy

IMG_1651 copy

One on one’s are a very important key in building bridges and relationships. Avery took time to be talk with these two girls, and asked them about everyday stuff, such as, “how old are you? Do you like school?”
IMG_6202 copy IMG_6203 copy I caught this shot of Julianna giving her last good bye to one of the kids. For some of the students, it was emotional.
IMG_6207 copy I have got to talk about this boy! From the moment this boy arrived at the scene, he would stare at me just as he is here in this picture. I’d be over some place, then spontaneously look in front or the side of me, there he was, glaring at me. Well, at this time our group was leaving to go to the final apartments for the day when I look down: there he was again. I didn’t even look through my viewfinder. I snapped this picture at him. And then I turned my camera around and showed him this fabulous portrait. He looked at the picture. Looked at me, and smiled so big I just couldn’t believe the boy had a smile! And then he ran away from me! Good golly, I wish I had a picture of him smiling at me!IMG_1663 copy IMG_1668 copy IMG_1671 copy Somebody else can better tell which girl is which, but the two little girls in this picture are sisters, named Raspberry and Blueberry. When I was told these were their names I said “You have got to be joking. Those girls are pulling your leg.” Come to fine out, their names really are Raspberry and Blueberry. IMG_1695 copy Ireland gathering up kids.IMG_1706 copy IMG_1727 copy IMG_6211 copy IMG_6220 copy IMG_6244 copy IMG_6255 copy IMG_6260 copy IMG_6271 copyI was not originally planning on adding this photo. In fact, I planned to delete it altogether. This girl would stare at me often. I was assuming she was looking at my camera. Right as we were about to leave, she walked over to me. Said nothing, just stared. I felt a little awkward, for I didn’t know what to of around a staring child. So I decided, “You want to take a selfie?” Her face lit up! Now, I had a 50mm lens on my camera at this time. 50 mm is the worst selfie lens ever! Thats why you only see her face and half of mine. But I didn’t really care, because I was trying to make her happy. I did this just to please here and wasn’t going to keep it after we left for the day. However, once browsing thru pictures later in the night, I decided that I liked it. Its actually the only picture through out the entire trip that some of me is actually in.

It was a lot of working, on the photography side, taking this trip. Truth be told, I found it a little more challenging this year than last years trip. I see that being because I have grown much more in the eye of my craft, and increased at perfectionism to the point of it sometimes being difficult at pleasing myself. I learned a little more about me while on this trip: The Lord sends you out. Satan tries to bring you down. Pray a lot and God will fight the invisible because He has called you for fulfilling His purpose for His glory alone. And because of that, I can do anything in Him who gives me strength. While on this trip, actually on the very first day of being in Atlanta, I realized this truth and felt myself run with it at full force. And I truly hope that through all these pictures in three separate blog post, you are able to see the work of His hands, and see a bigger story than is told in more than just words…

but through the eyes.

Erin Parker


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