Coming Clean.

2016 has been a transitional year. I’ve kept quiet on some things that I feel necessary to admit and get out, as well as close a door or two.

Some may have noticed, that my Facebook Feed and Blog Feed have been bare as far as Family/Child Portraits are concerned. I have done no pushing on my part to market myself or increase my portfolio using clientele. I’ve been hesitant to say anything about it out of fear of people hearing the wrong message and creating their own idea’s. Believe it or not, this has happened in the past. So I stepped into the background with the question on what to do next.

There was a time I almost shot down my website, and let go of By Grace Photo Gallery altogether, along with my Facebook page. But decided to keep it for another year. I am glad to say that I will not be doing this, but this is what was leading to that happening:

There is no other way on saying it, other than I believe the Lord is leading me in a new direction with Photography. I’ve written before about Photojournalism, which I am still pursuing more of. However, there is also a new way in which I am going in. Being that this has been a transitional year, I was often left confused, and lacked desire to create photography that I would normally create. So with taking a step back, I have been creating the kind of art that I want to create for myself.

It has been a year of learning and discovering, that I really can do anything I want, even if it means I do not get paid for it.

I am announcing a half-closed door. For anyone who desires my Portrait Services, my door will always be open to you. I will meet with you, laugh with you, take your pictures and give you my very best as always. But I will go ahead and say that I am withdrawing from Portrait Photography. This has been a year long decision. One I have kept a secret, and praying much about to be sure if this is a door I should close. I was in fear of people taking this the wrong way, or people being misinformed and keeping their distance from me altogether. Though I will never let go of Portrait Photography completely, I will not be pursuing it as a career. It will be something very small put on the side.

Instead, I am creating photography that I want and enjoy. I’ve created three Themed Shoots and am currently working on a fourth, and possibly a fifth by next year. My style is quite more dramatic than it use to be ( and I love it ), and I am able to be way more creative and give more expression this way than I ever could with the basic Family Portrait.

I am still photographing Events, Editorial, and maybe eventually, Fashion. I desire to photograph culture. So hopefully this will be a door I can one day enter.

I will always be beginning new projects. This is not the end, but only the beginning.


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